Visvim Freak!

May 28, 2009

Today i received one more Visvim Shirt from Japan. It is made from Giza Egyptian cotton, but not the best one yet. However it is still very nice.





I also got a chance to take a pic of my friends’ and my Visvim Ballistics ^_^…they are really the best backpack you can get! LOL


I really like my friend’s olive patchwork..the only thing is..they look funny when carried on my back LOL
The details and the coloring on the bag is just amazing! I really like the contrast in the brownish leather that they use for the handles and flaps they have on the zips. Visvim FTW! LOL


Some random snapshots my friend took of me earlier today before my visvim shirt arrived :P….





R1062261(me trying to download the latest version of Ragnarok :P)


Some new items + Visvim virgil boots

May 27, 2009

After waiting for over a week, i finally got my Fragment design tech wiper.


I also copped this new visvim weld shirt around last week ^_^DSC_4637

My collection of Fragment x Incase iphone case ^_^


My favorite combination is the Yellow/pink! 


I believe it was yesterday that hypebeast showed us pics of the new Visvim Virgil Boots that are going to be released in the new FIL in Kyoto, Japan. I really want to get both the tan and black ones! They are just amazing and must look great with blue/black jeans. Here are the pics.




But i actually have a pair already hehe..but in dark brown color..When i bought in FIL last summer..they only had this color in my size left T_T. Here it is:


Control Systems II Exam day!

May 27, 2009

I had my 2nd exam today…

it went quiet well actually..hope i scored high ^_^

Went to study with my friends once again in the morning to make sure we knew everything LOL





Studying hard!

May 27, 2009



Off i go with one of my most comfortable shoes, Nike Dunkesto ACU + Fenom Saddle Stitched and my most simple and cheap watch LOL

McDonalds for lunch  with my good friend, rocking his C7 with FBT Folk shamann and visvim ballistic (same bag as me :P) 


Studying hard from 1pm until 1am in the morning LOL.

after this, i will have 3 more exams to go before graduating!

of course, we need food to keep our bodies healthy for the rough path we have ahead hehe 😛


Another day during exam time

May 24, 2009

I went to church..and went to have lunch with one of my thai friends here, Best. one of our favorite and easiest and cheapest lunch LOL —> Umami



I also took out my ricoh gx200 that has been unused for so long for a spin with some random street shooting. ^_^



A day at the airport

August 17, 2008

Today i went to church in the morning with my parents as usual…

and then in the afternoon..it was time to send off my dear brother (cousin), jonathan at the airport. he’s going back to start his 2nd year in college as a medical doctor…man…i am so proud of him ^_^

so i got my other bro, to take sum pics for me..

btw..the huge pack of collon i’m holding in my hands is so damn niceee! haha..realli sweet though..not good when you’re trying to lose weight ^^”

after sending him off…our whole big family drove off to have dinner at the Emporium…and along came our sunday dose of RAIN…T_T

it was raining so hard that i could hardly see the side mirrors…but..we managed to get thru the traffic and had a great and tasty dinner! 😀

thats about it for my day…..


Another day at siam

August 16, 2008

its been a while since my last post..i’ve been a bit lazy lately…and also ill T_T..well today i went to siam..to do some trading…and today i picked up 2 pairs of jeans 😀

the first one is NBHD 04 Ripper SP…this pic featuring a good friend of mine, Sheen.

the second one is …well…take a look yourself…hehe ^^”

Cant wait to wear’em! Thanx P’Sheen for this great pair of jeans 😀 adding on to my collection of fenoms..LOLz…i still have crush 1,2,3,5, and 6 to buy if i want their whole set hahaha..damn..i rather buy myself a new car 😛